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What’s My San Antonio TX Home Value?

This page is a comprehensive guide on how you, as a homeowner, can determine your San Antonio TX home value.

We will cover the advantages and drawbacks of online assessment tools, how to increase your home value, how to find the best listing agent, questions you should be asking your listing agents, upgrades considered in estimating the value of your home, and more.

Table of Contents:

  1. What’s the Best Way To Find My Home’s Value? –
  2. How Much Can I  Sell My House For?

III. What are Houses Like Mine in San Antonio TX Selling For?

  1. What Do I Ask A Real Estate Agent in San Antonio TX About Listing My Home for Sale?
  2. Should I Buy a Home Appraisal?
  3. What Upgrades Do You Consider When Estimating the Value of My Home?

VII. How Does Melissa Wiggans Arrive at My Home’s Estimated Value?

What’s The Best Way To Find My Home Value?

Interested in finding out your home’s worth?

Your career may be taking you someplace else. You may need to move for personal reasons.

Whatever the reason is, when you have decided to  put your San Antonio home up for sale, the first thing you need to know is how much it is worth.

Knowing your home’s value will help you decide on how you will price it competitively so you can successfully sell it on the market.

What then,  is the best way to get an accurate assessment for your home?

There are different ways you can get an assessment of your home’s value.  

One way is to use an online value estimator. You may have even already tried it. That is hardly surprising as the internet is the commonly used tool when we want to know things we are not familiar about, like our home’s value.

San Antonio TX Homes for Sale

There are hundreds of online home evaluators to choose from, and each of them promises to give you an accurate evaluation of your home’s worth. I hope you don’t use the result of a home value calculator as the basis for pricing your home.

Why? The following are my reasons why.

Bullet 1. It is not accurate. Online home value estimators are popular because they are fast, convenient and free.

But they cannot give your home’s accurate worth because they only base their calculations on the records in their database, which depends on the availability of data in your specific market.

While it is that most market information can now be found online, there is still some data an online home estimator cannot access.

Even a popular website has a disclaimer that says  “online estimators are simply the starting point of a home value calculation”. You still have to contact a real estate agent to get an accurate worth of your San Antonio TX home.

Bullet 2. It did not see your home. Online home estimators base its evaluations on the accumulated information it has about your neighborhood.

On the other hand, I, as your listing agent, will use comparative market analysis and actually visit your home to see if you have made any changes which will be included in the home valuation.

Then I can give you an accurate assessment of your San Antonio home for sale.

Bullet 3. It does not know what your improvements are.

Interior upgrades like kitchen improvements and bathroom renovations are not included in the assessment of an online home value estimator.

Because I have seen the upgrades in my visit to your home, I will consider the improvements you have done and include it in the assessment.

It means the effort you’ve done to update your kitchen will be recognized, and will increase your home’s worth.

Remember, online home estimators are mere starting points. There’s more to home valuations than what the internet tells you.

Are you ready to know your home’s worth? Call me, Melissa Wiggans, at (210) 332-0310.  I can give you a free home valuation and you are under no obligation to list with me. I have been a real estate agent for more than 20 years and I truly love helping my clients with their real estate needs.

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