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Shipping Household Goods during Your PCS Move to San Antonio

Have you received your PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders to San Antonio?

As a member of the military, you will probably be moving around from place to place every few years. In fact, PCS moves are common in the military and your family will get used to packing up and moving from your current base to a new location.

Military Move to San Antonio

Once you have orders in hand then you can start planning for your PCS move to San Antonio. Avoid delays as these can create more stress.

When you are ordered a PCS move to San Antonio you are also given authority to ship your household goods (HHG) at government expense. You will be given a weight limit based on your rank and family status.

Aside from that, you are also authorized to ship unaccompanied baggage. This includes items that you do not want to haul when you travel. Unaccompanied baggage is generally limited to 2,000 pounds. However, there may be lower limit in some cases such as certain overseas locations and unaccompanied tours. The unaccompanied baggage can be delivered separately when you report to your new station and before you find a new home in San Antonio.


How to arrange Household Goods Shipments

You can start getting your family ready as soon as you are alerted to your upcoming military relocation.

Military Relocation to San Antonio

Begin with cleaning up your current home and getting rid of items you no longer need. You can also hold a garage sale or donate items to charity.

Next, organize important family documents. Make sure they are in one place.

Check your weight allowances and estimate the weight of your household goods before you make further arrangements with your move.

Use the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) portal to setup your move. Once you have your PCS orders, go to the DPS portal to set up your account and plan your move.

You may ship personal property anytime after you receive your official orders/authorization. If you want your personal property moved on the date of your choice, you should plan early on.

Pack dates are usually a day or two before the actual pickup date of your shipment, but they can vary. To avoid  problems, coordinate the pack dates with the travel office.


Shipping or Storing Your Vehicle

The government may ship your  Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) for you if you are ordered on a PCS move from, or between OCONUS locations, you are on a ship that changes homeport, or when specific conditions, such as time or physical constrictions, are met dealing with CONUS to CONUS.

However, if you have more vehicles than you and your dependents can drive between PCS locations you may have to transport your extra vehicle yourself, and pay for any extra costs.

Motorcycles and or dirt bikes can be usually shipped either as a separate Privately Owned Vehicle shipment, or in your HHG shipment.

Shipping Firearms

When it comes to shipping firearms within or to the CONUS, you must always comply with local and/or state laws, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regulations.


Arrival and Delivery of Household Goods Shipments


Contact the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) as soon as you arrive at your new duty station in San Antonio. Inform them of your contact numbers and email address.

They will help arrange delivery of your personal property shipments if you already have a new residence. Otherwise they will arrange for temporary storage until you have permanent housing.

On the day of the delivery, make sure that you, or someone who can act in your name, is available at your new home. If the TSP arrives but fails to deliver the shipment because of your absence, you may be charged for the attempted delivery and any additional storage that may result.


Claims Process for damages, lost or destroyed items

If your property is damaged, lost, or destroyed during the move you are eligible for full replacement value protection on DoD-sponsored household goods and unaccompanied baggage shipments. Your Transportation Service Provider will either repair or pay to repair damaged items and pay the full replacement cost for items that are lost or destroyed.

It is your responsibility to provide prompt notice of loss or damage. You will be given a form to note any loss or damage you discover at the time of delivery. Fill out and sign the form at the time of the delivery and a copy will be sent back to the TSP’s claims office.

If you discover loss or damage only after the delivery crew has left, you must notify the TSP within 75 days of delivery in order to retain your right to Full Replacement Value protection.


Other Items

There are other regulations regarding shipment of more uncommon items. To be sure,  check with your transportation office. They can provide you  answers to any questions you may have regarding these shipments.

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