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The very fabric of San Antonio is interwoven with the United States Military. History would show that the two have been inextricably linked and have helped shape each other. It is evident in the city’s culture, economy, industry, the way of life, and its people.

All branches of the military are represented in San Antonio and much of the city’s economic success can be attributed to the military presence.

Military Moving to San Antonio TX

If you are planning to relocate to San Antonio, an understanding of the military’s history and current presence in the city is necessary.

Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston, known colloquially as “Fort Sam,” is home to more than 27,000 military and civilian personnel and their families. Named after the first President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston, it covers an area of more than 3,000 acres. Fort Sam Houston includes the Brooke Army Medical Center, where more than 25,000 people are trained annually in medical exercises.

Randolph AFB

Randolph AFB has been a flying training facility for the United States Army Air Corps, the United States Army Air Forces, and the Air Force during its entire existence. Its primary focus is on Air Force pilot training. However, the base also trains a large contingency of support personnel.

Lackland AFB

Lackland AFB is the only entry processing station for Air Force enlisted Basic Military Training (BMT). As such, it has 6,000 recruits going through basic training at any given time as part of their admission to the Air Force. Lackland AFB is home to over 120 units and puts nearly $2 billion into the San Antonio economy each year.

Kelly AFB

Kelly AFB is the oldest, continuously active air base in the United States. It functions partly now as an Air Force Base. It is located on the southwestern edge of the city and provides support for both the military and of San Antonio.

Brooks City Base

Brooks City Base, once known as Brooks AFB, is a  mixed-use development that was founded in 2002. It is a joint venture between the city of San Antonio and the U.S. Air Force.

Brooks City Base is home to the 311th human systems wing and also serves as a medical training facility. It trains over 5,000 aeromedical personnel every year.

Camp Bullis

Camp Bullis is a U.S. Army training camp comprising 27,990 acres. Located seventeen miles northwest of San Antonio, it’s used primarily as maneuvering grounds for U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marine combat units.


Military City USA Real Estate

Regardless of whether you are on active duty, retired, or civilian personnel, there are countless options to find a great home here in the city.

Homes for sale in San Antonio are affordable and plentiful. There are also many military facilities to support past and present personnel.

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