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Military Relocation to San Antonio TX

Planning Your PCS Move

Create a successful military PCS relocation!

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been through this before, military relocation can be stressful. Preparing for your PCS move is a process that requires a lot of careful planning.

Military Relocation to San Antonio

It involves a lot of coordination, especially if you’re moving a family. You need all your paperwork in order and a game plan for packing, loading and unloading at your destination.

Without the right strategy, planning for your PCS move to San Antonio TX will be overwhelming.

Stay on top of things with these tips:


Start planning once you have orders in hand

Getting started with the preparation will make  the process easier. The usual time frame for service members to receive orders can vary from 5 months to 2 weeks prior to their report date to the new command.

Once you receive your PCS orders begin planning as soon as possible and contact or visit your local transportation management office to get the facts about your move and entitlements.

Be organized

Being organized and disciplined can help ensure a successful move to San Antonio. Start with a checklist of what you need to accomplish before your move to PCS.

Get your PCS Checklist for your move here.

Make a detailed inventory list of all your items so that it will be very easy settling your things into your new home. An inventory list will also  help you know if any of your belongings are damaged or lost.


Update your family about the move

Take the opportunity to tell your family about your move. It is better for them to be updated about your PCS move so that there will be no question of uncertainty.

If you have children, encourage them to talk about their feelings and ask questions.

Explain to them the benefits of the move. You can also look for age-appropriate ways to keep them involved in the moving process.

Don’t forget your pets

Having pets during a PCS move is even more challenging.  However, with the right preparation, you can reduce the stress of moving your furry friends.

Visit the veterinary office to see what is needed prior to a permanent change of station.


Carry what is needed

Not all of your belongings can be delivered quickly. The time of arrival varies with each new location.

To avoid problems, carry all of the things that you absolutely need in hand when you move. It could be your personal information, financial paperwork, identification cards, school forms or anything that you know is essential to your transition.

You may be interested in this article about shipping household goods during your PCS move to San Antonio.

Know the PCS basics

Of course you need to learn the basics before knowing what is critical. You need to know how PCS works and its purpose so that mistakes can be avoided. You can also ask for help from others  who have undergone PCS before.

Maintain positivity

Always focus on the good things and the benefits of moving. Think of what interesting things and new discoveries you will experience in San Antonio TX.

With its vibrant culture, rich historical sites, and quintessential Texas lifestyle,  San Antonio is a great place to call home!


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