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Military Relocation to San Antonio

PCS Move to San Antonio Moving Checklist Moving Day

Do the following tasks on the day of your move

Tasks Done
Expect it’s going to be a long day. Get up early and make all the necessary preparations before the movers arrive.
Don’t forget to eat. You may also prepare snacks for packers if you wish.
Make sure you or someone reliable is at home when the move is conducted.
Secure and hand carry personal belongings and valuable items such as cash, jewelry, and checkbooks
Before movers arrive, get your pets under control. You may ask a neighbor or a friend to keep them for you if you haven’t made boarding arrangements.
Double check if you have packed everything.
Have a marker handy to make extra notes on boxes. Carry a box of “basics” you’ll need on move-in day.
If you are hand-carrying any boxes with you, mark “DO NOT MOVE” on them clearly.
Verify the mover’s inventory is complete and accurate.
Carefully observe the loading and unloading, and examine all items carefully before signing a receipt.
Take note of the condition of your belongings. If anything is marked “scratched, dented or soiled,” note the location of the problem.
If the military is taking care of your move, be sure to get a copy of the GBL, the DD-619 (if CONUS), and the Household Goods Inventory from the packers before they leave the residence. Check if the inventory is accurate and complete, and keep a copy with other important records you are hand carrying.
Examine the entire house before releasing the packers to ensure that nothing has been left behind.
Leave the keys that are needed by the new tenant or owner with your realtor or neighbor.
Hand-carry finance and other important documents.


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