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Military Spouse and Family Moves

Preparing for a PCS move to San Antonio?

Moving to a new home is something that most of us will do several times in our lives. However, for a military family, relocation is inevitable. A U.S. soldier can expect at least one station change every 30 to 48 months.

Moving is a life experience that most people would describe as exciting and exhausting. The move itself can consume a lot of time, from planning to packing, and up to moving and cleaning,

There’s always something to learn about a PCS move, whether it’s your first time or not. Each move is full of new opportunities and experiences, each one a little different. It’s important to try and make your PCS moves as stress-free as possible.


How does military moving work?

A permanent change of station (PCS) is a move between one duty station and another. It could also be a move to your final duty station and home of record upon retirement.

Once you receive your PCS orders, you should get in touch with your servicing Transportation Office in order to schedule an appointment. Doing so will help you reach the best informed decision regarding your upcoming military move.

You have several moving options if you are moving from one CONUS base to another. You can choose a Personally Procured Move Program (formerly Do-it-Yourself [DITY] Move). This means you’re going to move your personal items yourselves, using rental equipment, or by hiring a commercial carrier.

Under this program, you can reimburse up to 100% of the Government Constructive Cost (GCC), if you hire their own carrier. If you move your property on your own, you can receive an incentive payment of 95% of the GCC

Another option is to let the military handle and conduct your pack out and move through teams of packers and movers. You can also do a partial DITY, which is a combination of the two. In a partial DITY you set aside a few items that you’d like to transport yourself, and then have the government pay you for moving those items.

If your family has received orders for an overseas PCS, known as OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States), it can be a bit different than moving a few states over.

It requires significant effort, from processing paperwork to packing up belongings, and emotionally preparing your family for the move.

You have to double check to make sure that every family member is listed on official orders, and names are spelled correctly. If you’re going to a foreign country, you have to apply for the no-fee government passports required for PCS travel. You also have to check with the specific location to see if you’ll also need a visa.

There are also tighter restrictions on how much stuff you can take with you. Remember that you will have a weight allowance that you need to meet in your unaccompanied baggage and household goods shipments. The military will also pay for you to ship one car overseas.

Need help with your PCS move to San Antonio?

Let me assist you! I understand the special concerns and needs of military families. My goal is to help you have a hassle-free move, whether you are moving to Fort Sam Houston, Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, or San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Call me, Melissa Wiggans, at 210-332-0310 today.  I truly enjoy helping military families.

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