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Getting ready for your PCS move to San Antonio

PCS Moving to Joint Base in San Antonio – Military City USA

Are you and your family making a PCS move to Joint Base San Antonio? San Antonio’s military roots run very deep. Because of its strong and consistent military presence, it is known  as Military City USA! Today, it is home to one of the nation’s largest active and retired military populations. Most famously known as […]

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PCS Military Move to San Antonio TX

Military Relocation Made Easy

Once you have received your Permanent Change of Station orders, it is time to get everything in order. Relocation is a familiar aspect of military life. However, military relocation is never easy. There will be lots of boxes, packing, and moving trucks. It takes up time and causes stress and all-around hassle. Even if you […]

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PCS Move to San Antonio TX

Military Spouse and Family Moves

Preparing for a PCS move to San Antonio? Moving to a new home is something that most of us will do several times in our lives. However, for a military family, relocation is inevitable. A U.S. soldier can expect at least one station change every 30 to 48 months. Moving is a life experience that […]

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Home for Sale in San Antonio

5326 Arcadia Park, San Antonio, TX 78247 │ Home for Sale

This gorgeous two-story home is truly a must-have! Located in the highly sought-after Steubing Ranch subdivision, this San Antonio home for sale is a lovely combination of comfort and space. Built in a traditional style, this property features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 living and dining areas, and more with 2,087 square feet of living […]

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San Antonio Housing Options for Military

Military Housing Options When Relocating to San Antonio

Are you an active serving or retired member of the US Armed Services currently seeking to relocate to San Antonio TX? Thousands of military families relocate to San Antonio yearly. In fact, San Antonio is home to one of the largest active and retired military populations. Housing options are allowed in the military, but it […]

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PCS Move to San Antonio Texas

Moving to San Antonio- What Military Families Need to Know

Permanent change of station orders are a reality that many military families experience. Once you have received your PCS orders to San Antonio, it’s time to get yourself and your family organized for the relocation process. Here are some things that you should know about the city which has become the emblem of Texas independence: […]

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Military Relocation in San Antonio

Shipping Household Goods during Your PCS Move to San Antonio

Have you received your PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders to San Antonio? As a member of the military, you will probably be moving around from place to place every few years. In fact, PCS moves are common in the military and your family will get used to packing up and moving from your current […]

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Military Relocation to San Antonio

PCS Move to San Antonio Moving Checklist After the Move

Do the following tasks after you move in  to your new home.   Tasks Done You will be given the telephone number of the transportation office at your new duty station if you are an active service member. Contact the transportation  office at your new duty station as soon as possible, and provide them with […]

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San Antonio TX Relocation

Military Relocation Made Easy To San Antonio

Excited to move to San Antonio? Like many military personnel who received their transfer order to San Antonio, you probably feel mixed emotions. After all, you have been in your current home for around three years and have grown to love the place and have made new friends. But transfers are inevitable in the military […]

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Military Relocation in San Antonio

Military PCS to San Antonio: To Buy or Not to Buy a Home

So what should you do when your permanent change of station order to San Antonio arrives? One of the most important questions that you have to settle is whether to buy a home or to choose military housing. For most people, buying a home is a fulfillment of a great dream. It is one of […]

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